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In 2012, Chasing Her Destiny was named a Finalist of the Eric Hoffer “First Horizon” Award!

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“Life has changed tremendously in the last hundred years. Where women used to dream only of marrying and having a family, now women can develop a career and decide themselves when is the best time to marry or to have children. However, life doesn’t always work out the way you plan.

Chasing Her Destiny is a well-written contemporary novel. The characterizations are realistic and visual. The pacing is superb with the reader feeling the empathy and triumphs along with the characters. The novel actual flows from one page to the next with a loving fluency for smoothness as each word becomes alive on each page.”

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           Chasing Her Destiny

“Sherri barely heard a word of what followed. A new number! A new reality! Another possible baby she could call her own!"

“The road to motherhood is not always straightforward, and Friedlander takes her readers through every turn of the maze in this novel about a career woman trying everything to start a family. All her life, Sherri has been in control. She's got a high-powered career in communications. She bought her own house and even her own boat.

Unfortunately, when it comes to getting pregnant, Sherri can't control the outcome. Friedlander obviously knows the ins and outs of the adoption process, from the dedicated "baby phone" to meetings with stressed out birthmothers and unsympathetic lawyers. Sherri rides the emotional rollercoaster, and each time her hopes are dashed, she rises with a new optimism.”

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